A Legend in His Own Mind

The story of a Wannabe – Larry E. Gugle



Updated April 21, 2006


The February 2006 Email said, "urgent, call as soon as you can," something was up and it was important.  The news was amazing; Larry Gugle was no longer with the 1/9 Network; he was a wannabe.  What was to unfold over the next few weeks was the fact that Larry Gugle had not only deceived the members of the Network, but had also been deceiving the Marine Corps and others for quite a few years.


Larry Gugle had come into the 1/9 Network in 2001 representing himself as a retired Sergeant Major with 30 years of service in the Marine Corps.  He also represented himself as a Vietnam Veteran serving 45 months in Vietnam; 24 months with the First Battalion Ninth Marines and 22 months with HQ Battery First Battalion 11th Marines.  Gugle also wore a chest full of medals including; the Silver Star, Bronze Start and Purple Heart to name a few.  As it turns out none of the above is true; not the rank, not the Vietnam service or the medals.






The Gugle mobile as some call it!


This is Gugle's everyday car.  It even has a medal tray in the back window with all his medals displayed.  One gung ho POS isn't he?  He needs another decal on all four sides.

"I am a Wannabe"



An investigation, started in 2005, by members suspicious of his claims, has proved that Gugle never served in Vietnam and did not merit wearing any medals for bravery and did not get wounded in combat.  In fact, through pictures and other information, it came to light that Gugle has been wearing unauthorized medals on and off since 1971.  In addition, Gugle did not retire a Sgt Major, but a Gunnery Sergeant and only served in the Marine Corps for about 20 years and 9 months, not 30 years ( July 1969-April 1990).  Gugle went so far as to doctor up a Boot Camp Photo showing him graduating in September 1965 when he actually graduated in September 1969.  Gugle in fact has fabricated an entire portfolio of documents to “prove” his service in Vietnam and the recipient of awards for bravery and achievement that he did not deserve.



The letter to Larry Gugle Kicking him out of the 1/9 Network.  Letter to Gugle



The character of a man is his worth and Larry Gugle has none.  He is a true wannabe who has deceived and dishonored the Marine Corps, Veterans, memory of our fallen brothers  and the 1/9 Network.  By his actions and words he has created a shield of false trust and in some cases caused doubt in the minds of true Vietnam veterans. This POS wannabe even attended and took part in a wreath laying ceremony at Arlington Cemetery in 2004.


His attempt of an apology to those that he betrayed their trust, when he was discovered, was filled with denials and then another claim that he earned medals in Desert Storm; another lie.  He says that he always promoted 1/9 and never himself, well that was another lie and can be plainly seen in the infamous speech of November 2005, on occasion of the Marine Corps birthday.  The speech is filled with lies about his service, his deeds and his nightmares of a place (Vietnam) he has only seen and read about in books.



Gugle's Attempt at an Apology


From: Larry Gugle <LGUGLE@aollc.biz>
To: xxxx@xxxxxxx.net
Subject: Casey, no excuses, only one thing can be said and that is "I'm Sorry".
Date: Feb 28, 2006 5:26 PM
Casey, no excuses, only one thing can be said and that is "I'm Sorry".

I have always considered you a friend and brother Marine, and will continue to respect you as such and will always consider you a friend, no matter what!

I also apologize to all others of the 1/9 Network. Please pass on to whomever else in the Network you see fit to pass on this typed apology.

One point of fact!, I always spoke of and about the great legacy of 1/9 whenever speaking to the public and never spoke about myself to anyone other than a 1/9 Network member.

Another point of fact is the files received from the Freedom of Information Act didn't have any information about my recall to active duty after retirement for Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. My final DD-214 shows "Participated in Operation Desert Storm". So I do have awards received for serving in a Combat Unit, and they are; Southwest Area Service Medal (SWASM), Kuwait Liberation (Kuwait), Kuwait Liberation (Saudia Arabia), and the Combat Action Ribbon (CAR). I don't know why this record doesn't show up in the paperwork that was received.

>>> Casey <xxxx@xxxxxx.net> 02/28/06 3:02 PM >>>

Gugle, used bold case above for emphasis. Note that he says never spoke of himself, just read the speech later for this bull!  Usually, a heart felt apology is just an apology, not another attempt to bolster your own merits for other medals!!


Larry Gugle has been doing his wannabe thing for many years and has caused a lot of grief along the way.  It is doubtful that the expungment from the 1/9 Network will stop this repulsive behavior and many have taken up the cause to notify every Veterans organization about this wannabe.  Gugle can deny all he wants, but the lies upon lies and falsification of all the documentation is all to promote himself.  It wasn’t enough for Gugle to be a Marine, no he wanted more, no matter whom or what was dishonored along the way.



Gugle signs off his Email with:

SgtMaj. Larry E. Gugle USMC, Ret'd.
American Legion Post 91 Life Member
Disabled American Vets Life Member Chapter 16
Khe Sanh Veterans Assoc. Life Member
Marine Corps Assoc Life Member
Marine Corps League Life Member Detachment 199
MOPH Life Member Chapter 27
Rolling Thunder Member National Chapter 1
USMC Drill Instructors Assoc. Life Member
VFW Life Member Memorial Post 7401
Vietnam Veterans of America Life Member Chapter 233
C 1/9, 3rd Mar Div, RVN 8/67-7/69
HQ Battery 1/11, 1st Mar Div, RVN, 8/69-5/71
HQ Co, HQ Battalion, 1st Mar Div, Persian Gulf, 9/90-4/91

Problem is:

He NEVER served in Vietnam
He NEVER served in combat with ANY unit

He was NEVER decorated or wounded for actions in combat
He NEVER served in the Persian Gulf (retired in April 1990)
He NEVER served with 1/9 - "The Walking Dead"
He NEVER was a Sergeant Major
He WAS court-martialed and convicted of wearing decorations and combat ribbons to which he was not entitled.
He WAS reduced from 1stSgt to Gunnery Sgt..
He WAS forced to retire into the FMCR - inactive.



What follows is a description and documentation of the lengths to which Larry Gugle has gone in his attempt to deceive and carry on his sham of lies.



The Trail of Lies


The Awards

The Following are awards that Gugle wore, but did not merit.

•Silver Star for Valor

•Bronze Star with Combat “V”

•Purple Heart Medal with 1* Gold Star

•Combat Action Ribbon with 1* Gold Star

•Navy/Marine Achievement Medal for Technical Merit  with 1* Gold Star

•Vietnam Service Medal or any of the ten combat campaign stars

•Southwest Asia Service Medal or any combat campaign stars

•Presidential Unit Citation or bronze star indicative of 1* additional award

•Navy Unit Citation or bronze star for 1* additional award

•Meritorious Unit Citation – 2** bronze stars indicating 2nd an 3rd awards

•RVN Cross of Gallantry w/Palm (Unit Citation)

•RVN Cross of Gallantry – Meritorious Civic Action w/Palm (Unit Citation)

•Vietnam Campaign Medal

•Liberation of Kuwait (Kuwait) Medal

•Liberation of Kuwait (Saudi Arabia) Medal


The pictures below show Gugle the Wannabe POS in full military regalia; phony medals rank and all.





Gugle  (left) desecrating the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier





The Boot Camp Graduation Photo


To make the entire lie come into line with other events Gugle turned his graduation date from the actual 1969 back in time to 1965.  This transformation allowed him to say he was in Vietnam by 1967.  Gugle’s faked records starts with the falsified early graduation date of September 1965.  Gugle says he graduated with platoon 224 in September 1965.  The real graduation photo was obtained from MCRD San Diego and shows quite a different picture; guess what, Gugle is not in the picture.  The doctored up graduation photo is really from September 1969, but the date and platoon number have been changed to 1965 and 224 respectively.  Note that by 1969 recruit platoons were numbered with four digits, so a Platoon 224 did not graduate in September 1969.  In looking at the photos you can see the difference in the font of the platoon number (224) and year (1965) versus the rest of the lettering.  This really becomes apparent when looking at the real Platoon 224 picture and the fake one.



The  Sign from Real Boot Camp Photo                       The Sign from Fake Boot Camp Picture


The Real Platoon 224 picture Year 1965                The Phony Platoon 224 picture Year 1965





Record of the Early Years


From 1969 until 1971 Gugle served at various Marine Corps facilities, but never in Vietnam.  His NAVMC118 form clearly shows that he enlisted in the Marine Corps in July 1969 he graduated from MCRD San Diego in September 1969 and was in Drill Instructors School by 1971.  He was supposedly in Vietnam in 1967 through 1969 remember?

 NAVMC 118 Document




Drill Instructors School



Gugle on the Drill Field 1972


By 1972, Gugle was in Drill Instructors School and had attained the rank of Sergeant.  Quite an achievement for someone who never went to Vietnam, but had only seen stateside service.  Apparently Gugle graduated first in his class in December 1971, as you can see by the following picture.  But notice already he has four or five rows of ribbons.  It appears that the sham started early in his career.  Guess Gugle was not of the character that the Marine Corps thought he was.





Combat History – Expeditions and Awards


To further document his alleged service in Vietnam, Gugle again falsified his form NAVMC 118, which shows Operations served in while in Vietnam.  In the Combat History – Expeditions section of the form, Gugle lists all the Operations he supposedly served in.  Note that all of the listing look like they were typed at the same time, not usually what happens when records are updated.  A search of Operations for the time period discloses that Operation Thor was actually a Air and Artillery strike prior to another operation.


He also falsified the Awards section of his form NAVMC 118.  This is where Gugle listed all the awards or medals he earned while in his imaginary Vietnam service period.  One can only be thankful for our electronic information age for access to Medal of Honor and Navy Cross recipients, or it is very plausible that Gugle would have added these to his list of awards.



Real NAVMC 118 Document                             Phony NAVMC 118 Document



Gugle also faked the Command Chronology for August 1967.  He inserted his name on August 4, 1967 to show that he joined the Battalion from CONUS (the United States).  Problem is that the original Command Chronology does not have his name on the page or any page for that fact!


Real C&C Page 12 August 1967                Phony C&C Page 12 August 1967




Gugle even copied a picture of some Veteran in Vietnam and said it was him.  IF you compare the DI pictures and look at the physical features, it really does not look anything like Gugle.  The picture is below: obviously out of some book somewhere.


The phony picture of Gugle supposedly in Vietnam






Read the Biography


Seems like every thing Gugle did he graduated 1st in his class?!

This biography is full of lies!






Since we all know he did not retire as a Sgt Major, then how did he retire as a Sgt major?  This is another example of Gugle's "proof" that he is who he says he is, another altered picture!!







Real Record of Service Phony Silver Star
Real Dates of Service (FOIA) Phony Silver Star Citation
  Phony Bronze Star
  Phony Purple Heart
  Phony Promotion Certificate
Real NAVMC Form 118 Phony NAVMC Form118
  Phony DD214






On November 10, 2005, Gugle gave his infamous "I did this Speech."  Gugle let it all hang out for the Marines and guests at a Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  His speech which is said to run on for 45 minutes, is full of outrageous lies.  He has said he never promoted himself, but like all wannabes he is "all" about himself.  To read this speech and know that it all lies, leaves one in awe of how a human being could stoop so low as Gugle has.   Needless to say the Marines are not happy to learn about Gugle the wannabe.  The link to the speech is below, but be warned that it will make you sick!


The Speech


Pictures from the Marine Corps Birthday Ball




Pictures of Gugle dressed up in all his finery at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball.




What can be said about this person, but good riddance.  Apologies could not undo the damage this wannabe has caused over the years to everyone he has been involved with and it is doubtful that this latest exposure will change him. 



The medal Gugle really deserves!



The Asshole Medal!